Leading Lights, Children’s Air Ambulance

Mackenzie was delighted to appear at a Leading Lights event at the Ivy in London. Leading lights is a series of exclusive events which brings people together who all support the Children’s Air Ambulance. Each event is different but the ethos remains the same; aspiration, motivation, enjoyment and a willingness to do good work. These events support the lifesaving work of the Children’s Air Ambulance. Mackenzie was joined on the panel by Nick Mason (Drummer), Toya Willcox (Singer & Actress) and Taj Atwal (Actress).

The Children’s Air Ambulance is an inter-hospital national transfer service, which works alongside 10 NHS transfer teams to fly critically ill babies and children from one hospital to another for specialist care.

The bespoke, specialist equipment on board the helicopters provide a flying intensive care unit for babies and children.

“Once we are airborne the difference to the patient is incredible. The journey is smooth, fast and even the very sick patients have behaved themselves in the air.”Karen Starkie, Evelina London Children’s Hospital

If a child is too sick to fly, the Children’s Air Ambulance can fly a specialist team to them.

With flight times commonly around four times quicker than a land ambulance transfer by road, in many cases, the time saved means a life saved.

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Children’s Air Ambulance


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