New book, Paintings From The Kitchen Table

In March 2020 lockdown was announced in the UK.

We are happy to announce that in October 2020, Mackenzie released his new book chronicling his journey through lockdown.

“Like everyone else, I started working from home. Using the kitchen table, as opposed to my usual studio, forced me to paint much smaller; dusty pastels were replaced with acrylic paint and watercolours, and from day one I painted every single day.

In the beginning I was diligent about trying to chronicle the days, but then the days turned into weeks before stretching into months, until eventually I lost track of time altogether and just settled into my own little routine.

This personal journal is not intended as a commentary of anything other than my own emotions and thoughts during this weird period, however I hope most people will relate to parts, if not all of it. This book is a visual chronicle of my own journey through these very strange times”  Mackenzie Thorpe

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