The Flood

Storm Isha hit our Brighton studio with a vengeance on a cold January morning, we walked in to find a pool of water and on entering Mackenzie’s studio space it was clear that a pipe had burst and was continuing to gush water from the first floor…. once the pipe had been turned off and the first floor ceiling caved in it was then that the true devastation was revealed. Sadly Mackenzie’s studio was worst affected with hundreds of originals destroyed and water damaged.

In the world of Mackenzie Thorpe, creativity flows like a river, but most recently, literal rivers wreaked havoc on his sanctuary. Mackenzie recently experienced the destructive force of nature when Storm Isha unleashed its fury on his studio space. A burst pipe, triggered by the relentless rain and strong winds, led to not only the flooding of his workspace but also the ruin of years of priceless originals.

Mackenzie’s studio is not just a workspace, it is a treasure trove of originals. Canvases full of countless strokes of creativity were now saturated, years of meticulous work and emotional investment were reduced to waterlogged remnants.

As the storm subsided and the floodwaters receded, the true extent of the damage became painfully apparent. Mackenzie, along with his team, faced the daunting task of salvaging what remained of his life’s work. The process of  restoring, and assessing the damage was a heart-wrenching endeavour, with some pieces beyond repair.

While the incident was undoubtedly a devastating blow, the whole team pulled together and just a week later the studio is back to it’s creative hub. With an unwavering spirit, he vowed to rebuild and continue his artistic journey.

The incident serves as a poignant reminder that, even in those challenging times, the artist’s spirit can emerge stronger.